Lifelong learning = constant resetting

If there’s one thing the last few years have shown us, it’s that life happens. Okay, okay, I actually mean sh*t happens!  It’s important to remember that. Good s*it and bad s*it happens. It happens no matter what you have planned for yourself. If you’re following me online, I’m confident enough to guess that you […]

Show up anyway

I only really have one rule in my courses. It ISN’T:– Do every piece of homework I give you.– Study every single day.– Be the model English student. (I mean, it’s great if you can do all these things!) It’s to SHOW UP EVEN IF YOU HAVEN’T DONE THESE THINGS. We all know what happens […]

We are a safe and accepting community

This seems like a good day to post this (It’s Sydney Mardi Gras weekend). There are communities for everyone, and ours is one committed to being safe and respectful to all who come to learn and connect. Some people might argue that bigoted views deserve protection and respect, too. I strongly disagree. You are free […]

It’s okay to make mistakes in front of native speakers

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but… It is okay to make mistakes in front of native speakers. Repeat this to yourself as many times as you need. If you’re able to express yourself in your non-native language, you’re amazing, clever and brilliant. Don’t forget that, ever! Let me tell you something about […]

It’s okay to make mistakes when I speak English

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but it’s OKAY to make mistakes with your English. It is OKAY.It is SAFE. It is actually BRILLIANT, because it shows that you are are learning (and have learned), that you are brave, and that you are pushing yourself beyond what is known and what is comfortable. […]

Six reasons to start (or restart) your English journey today

I love starting a new year. I am writing this on 2 January 2021, just before I sit down and make my own resolutions for the year. I’m not 100% sure what they will be yet, but I do know that whatever they are, I’ll be starting them today. I think that you should approach […]


Intermediate an English Class

I remember this time last year, when I sat down to write down my top lessons of 2020. Most of Australia was on fire (argh!) and some people were even wearing masks in the street to avoid the smoke (which was just unthinkable at the time).  Nonetheless, 2019 had been a very challenging year for […]

Does English ever drive you crazy?

“I’m starting to hate English!” Is this you, sometimes? ⁣My goodness, if it is, I don’t blame you! I love English and I love teaching it, but I’m fortunate enough to be a native speaker (by luck of birth), which means: I don’t have to spend time and money learning it. I don’t have to […]


Hello! Welcome to my new website and first blog post. Thanks for stopping by. First of all, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate, and Happy Holidays to those who don’t. (Almost) Happy New Year to everyone, except for those who follow the lunar calendar. … Ah, let’s just make it simple. Hello and Joy to […]