Hey there! You’ve found your community.

If you’re here, I guess you’re looking for a new way to learn English. Instead of just scrolling endlessly through vocabulary lists on Instagram, you’re looking for focus, consistency and community online.

Learning online doesn’t have to mean learning alone.

English dot Community is a group of passionate, experienced teachers and dedicated students working together to change the way we study English online.
We see ourselves as a community where we share our energy, ideas, time and resources to offer the best quality teaching and resources to students at the fairest possible price.
We do this not by building impersonal algorithms, but by building strong relationships.
Our teachers are all experienced and well-qualified, but more importantly, we are innovators who love teaching, love our students, and want to change online English learning for the better. We are a small team with a huge amount of passion and energy for what we do.
We are all different, and we all have creative freedom over the classes we run. That means that when you come to a class, you’re getting content that your teacher really cares about and loves to teach.
English dot Community was created by teachers for learners, not by businesspeople for profit.
Our students come from all over the world, but share time together online. In some classes, we have some people eating dinner and others eating breakfast. It’s quite amazing, really!
The typical English dot Community student is a motivated, independent learner looking for a way to enhance their English studies in a way that’s fun and flexible.
They usually join us because they’re looking for a great teacher, but stay because they’ve found a community of friends who support them on their learning journey.
Our students are the heart and soul of our community.
In fact, most of our ideas and projects come directly from learners who have told us what they need.
Each teacher is different, so each class is different, too.
In all classes, you can expect a lot of focus on communication and using new language, as well as interactive group work and feedback from your teacher. You can read about our different class types here.
Here’s the best thing, though: everything you pay for your class goes to your teacher. This means that (unlike with most other online platforms) the teacher is paid properly for their skill and creativity.
Why is this so great? Well, when teachers are paid fairly, they have the time and freedom to do the amazing work that they want to do, and that you deserve.
Because we have no business taking profits, and because of our memberships and group
classes, we can offer awesome classes at a fair prices to learners, too.
It’s a win-win!
Our online classes are run on Zoom, so you’ll need the Zoom app, headphones with a working mic, and a decent internet connection.
We all know that life is changing in unexpected ways. Being small, we are able to evolve and adapt, too.
Currently, out memberships include:
  • Many free online classes every week
  • A 50% discount on our group classes
  • New learning materials emailed to you every week
Some of our teachers also offer a members’ discount for their 1-1 classes.
We are constantly looking for ways to improve our memberships and improve our platform, so watch this space!
Become a member here.

It definitely is, if you:

Are looking for a new way to learn English online.
Just because we’ve lost a lot of our in-person learning spaces, it doesn’t mean we have to lose the amazing sense of community that can be found in a language classroom. Most platforms just can’t offer that.
Want to speak more.
If you find you don’t have enough opportunities to practice English in your daily life, we’re here for you.
Want some guidance in your independent studies.
The internet is FULL of amazing learning resources. Maybe it’s even too full! We help you find structure in what you study and when, so you can focus on enjoying the process.
Would enjoy interesting, original learning materials using real English texts.
We don’t use textbooks. All of our study materials are based on real language, real reading articles and real
listening sources. This means you can watch your usual TED Talk or listen to a podcast, but have questions, answers and language notes to accompany them.
It probably isn’t, if you:
Are an absolute beginner.
Unfortunately, we can currently only accommodate students at an intermediate level and above.
Are looking for free stuff.
Although our prices are affordable and we do occasionally offer free classes and resources, we do need to charge a little in order to run our platforms and pay our teachers.
Want to join classes as a spectator, not a participant.
It’s a little bit weird and uncomfortable when someone joins a class without a camera or microphone. Our classes are interactive spaces, not YouTube videos or live webinars.
Are not comfortable with working with a diverse group.
Respect is absolutely crucial in our learning spaces. If you are not someone who is happy to collaborate with people who are of different races, religions, genders and sexuality, this is definitely not the place for you. Anyone showing disrespect for or discrimination against others will be asked to leave and have their membership cancelled without question.

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