The Christmas book flood

(AN INTERMEDIATE READING LESSON) Last week, we looked at how one Australian family has put their own spin on their holiday traditions. This week, we are looking at a distinctive holiday tradition, this time from Iceland, a very tiny (and very very cold) island nation in Europe. The tradition, jólabókaflóð, which translates to ‘flood of […]

A sustainable Christmas

(AN INTERMEDIATE READING AND LISTENING LESSON) Here in Australia, most people celebrate Christmas, and many of us still follow traditions from Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere. This week, we are going to learn about one lady, Bec, who has tried to create new traditions for her family that are more sustainable and uniquely Australian. GET […]

Finland’s school system

(AN INTERMEDIATE LISTENING LESSON) Education is a topic on which everyone seems to have a strong opinion. In your view, what is it that makes a good and equitable school system? Finland, a Scandinavian country, is known to have one of the best education systems in the world. This week, we are learning about schools […]

Making new friends

(AN INTERMEDIATE READING LESSON) Do you find it easy to make new friends? This week, we’re reading about some ways to strike up new friendships as an adult. The lesson is based on an ABC Everyday article called Keen to make new friends? Here are three simple techniques to try GET THE WORKSHEET I hope […]

A man-made famine

(AN INTERMEDIATE LISTENING LESSON) Right now in Southern Madagascar, people are suffering from a terrible famine. The thing is, this famine is entirely man-made, coming as a result of climate change. GET THE WORKSHEET In this week’s listening lesson, we will be learning about the situation. The lesson is based on an ABC News (USA) […]

Millionaire Twins

(AN INTERMEDIATE READING LESSON) This week’s lesson is about twin sisters in Japan who have become millionaires with their gaming company, which makes video games aimed at women. It is based on a BBC article: Twin sisters worth millions thanks to female gamers GET THE WORKSHEET I hope you enjoy this lesson and learn some […]

David Attenborough at COP26

(AN INTERMEDIATE LISTENING LESSON) Most of you will recognise Sir David Attenborough from his nature documentaries. This week, we will be looking at his recent speech at COP26. GET THE WORKSHEET You can watch the full speech here: WATCH: Sir David Attenborough gives statement at COP26 climate summit in Glasgow I hope you enjoy […]

World record fruit trees

(AN INTERMEDIATE READING LESSON) This week, we’re going to read about an Iraqi-Australian who is about to set a world record for his amazing fruit trees.  You can read the article here: World record beckons for backyard gardener’s tree bearing 10 different fruits GET THE WORKSHEET I hope you enjoy this lesson (and get some […]

Friendly neighbourhood tigers?

(AN INTERMEDIATE LISTENING LESSON) How would you feel if your neighbours got some new pets, and you found out these pets were in fact tigers! This is what happened in a neighbourhood in Johannesburg, South Africa.  To make it even worse, the tigers are living right next door to a daycare centre! This week’s lesson […]

Break up with your phone

(AN INTERMEDIATE READING LESSON) Do you use your phone a little too much? Author Catherine Price thinks that we need to break up with our phones, and she wrote a whole book about it.  This week’s lesson is based on two tests about Catherine Price’s book, ‘How to break up with your phone’. This entry […]