Does English ever drive you crazy?

Does English ever drive you crazy?

Does English ever drive you crazy?

“I’m starting to hate English!”

Is this you, sometimes?

⁣My goodness, if it is, I don’t blame you!

I love English and I love teaching it, but I’m fortunate enough to be a native speaker (by luck of birth), which means:

  • I don’t have to spend time and money learning it.
  • I don’t have to worry about whether my English is ‘good enough’ at work or in social situations.
  • I don’t have to wonder how not knowing English will limit my opportunities.
  • I don’t have students thinking I’m not a good teacher for no reason but that I’m not a native speaker, whatever that means. (I mean, I think I’m a good teacher, but not because I’m a native speaker!)

And many other things.

The more I think about it, the more unfair it seems. I can’t imagine how angry and frustrated YOU must feel, at times.

I might offer two suggestions:

1. Take a break. Yep, if you hate English, step back for a moment. There’s this weird psychological aspect to it. Our brains are less likely to learn something we don’t feel a strong affiliation with. Take a break before you hate it so much your brain refuses to learn altogether.

2. Find the JOY in it again. For a little while at least, stop pushing yourself to study, and start finding things you like. Read a book for fun. Watch Netflix without writing down every word. Listen to music. Find people to chat with.

If you can start with a break and then progress to a more joyful place with English, I think you might stop hating it and maybe even start loving it again.

THEN it’s time to reset your goals.

Oh and never EVER forget how far you’ve come. You’ve got this!

Kerrin x

P.S. We can help you find the joy in English again. Get in touch!

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